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Ready for some Cinco de Mayo fun? It’s a virtual Running of the Chihuahuas. Scroll down to enter to win a Pacifico Prize Pack, check out all the cute Chihuahuas and order a fiesta from one of your favorite Wharf restaurants for take out and delivery. Happy Cinco de Mayo and see you at The Wharf soon!

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Meet the Chihuahuas


4 yrs - Sparks, MD

This rescue dog from Tennessee is a better “retriever” than his Labrador Retriever sister


6 yrs - Washington, DC

He won the Running of the Chihuahuas two years ago and has come in second once and third twice. He has over 1,300 followers on Tik Tok. He is sure that Carole Baskin killed her husband.


3 yrs - Annapolis, MD

Pebbles has been running between 1 and 4 miles a day to help a family member train for a marathon. Her own training is for a 5K, max.


1 yrs - Laurel, MD

Back in the day when he could hear, he used to sing to opera music. Nothing else, just opera.


5 yrs - Ashburn, VA

Oliver is a frisky boy with loads of energy. He loves chasing tennis balls, rolling around in fresh-cut grass and wresting with his dad. A great day is a trip to nana's house to run amok in the wide open backyard!

Javi Newman

3.5 yrs - Washington, DC

Javi loves to hit up all the places that give out free treats on our daily walks. Javi came in last place both times he has raced.


9 yrs -Leesburg, VA

She practices by chasing her Coonhound sister around. She loves to shop! She likes very expensive accessories.  She is a Princess Drama Queen.


8 yrs - Leesburg, VA

He loves anyone who will pet him.  He loves to run and play and is just happy all the time!


3 yrs - Vienna, VA

Was a stray on the streets in the middle of winter and picked up by animal control! He is perfectly housebroken and utterly adorable.


2 yrs - Annapolis, MD

Lulu Olive Valentine Emmylou  AKA "Pork Chop" has been limiting her treat intake and doing evening zoomies to prepare for racing. Although she has a severe Napoleon complex she enjoys being around kids and making them laugh.


8 yrs -The Wharf, DC

Tigo has been running all the piers back and forth at The Wharf to defend his 2019 Running of the Chihuahuas champion title. He loves to jump into the water while we go out on our boat and he loves paddle boarding with us in his tiny life jacket.

Rusty Moon

5 yrs - Washington, DC

Rusty gets in a good sprint when he sees a squirrel or cat. Bubba is his training partner and she keeps him light on his toes. Rusty is a rescue dog from City Dogs Rescue. You can follow his (and Bubba’s) adventures on Instagram @rustyandbubba


8 yrs - Vienna, VA

Runs non stop after his people and wherever the other dogs are, does NOT want to miss out on anything. Has a knack for stealing food!


3 yrs - Sterling, VA

Tito loves to play fetch and has the best birthday parties.


16 mo - Washington, DC

“Deacon” has a baby brother named “Usher.” His human grandfather is a minister and his human grandmother is a church organist. Get it?  Ha ha.


3.5 yrs - Lusby, MD

London has been training diligently by racing the neighbors dog along the fenceline, chasing squirrels and running back and forth to her Mom and Dad in her backyard.


3 yrs - Waldorf, MD

His favorite thing to do is to run! He’s super fast. He also loves all of his stuffed animal toys!


3 yrs - Washington, DC

Taco loves daily zoomies with his friends! Taco loves playing with his stuffed bunny.

Rico Suavé

3 yrs - Alexandria, VA

My favorite treat is peanut butter and favorite activity is running around with my furends.


3 yrs - Alexandria, VA

This would have been Rocco’s second year in the race. He’s a lover not a fighter. No training needed. I would have just let him loose. He’s faster than big dogs, like a rabbit.


10.5 yrs - Arlington, VA

Enjoys long walks on the beach, relaxes best by listening to smooth jazz while gazing at photos of his girlfriend named Manzy.


3 yrs - Laurel, MD

Baylee has the same birthday as her mom and loves peanut butter.


3 yrs

Wally’s been preparing for the big race by chasing the mailman down the road (his parents aren’t happy about it)


3.5 yrs

Jude’s been hitting the gym, his chest is looking buffer than ever.


5 yrs

He has been chasing squeekies and carbo loading... LOTS of carbo loading to prep for the race. Loves stealing (and eating) underwear and socks.


2.5 yrs

He has been zipping around our apartment every time someone enters and eating his favorite food - broccoli.


9 yrs

She is physically preparing by doing zoomies whenever her mom comes home, and she is building up her confidence with cuddles and assurance from her mom that she is the bestest.

Winnie Lou IV

7 yrs - England

Winnie has been prepping for the race by watching HGTV and eating snacks.


4 yrs

She’s been running all the way from the couch to her food dish twice a day and getting plenty of rest in order to prep for the race.


12 yrs

He is chasing his human brother in an effort to reclaim his favorite squeaky toy.


3 yrs - Fairfax, VA

Moxy has been training since she was a pup. Whether it be down our long condo hallway or out in a field she loves to run as fast as she can towards you when you kneel down.


5 yrs - Washington, DC

Merle is a super high jumper and will dance for any treat-- including bits of bell pepper, which are his favorite.


11 yrs

George is 5 pounds of pure Chihuahua rescued from the DC Humane Society six years ago.  He's tiny but mighty as he brings a smile to everyone that sees him sitting in the front door, barking greetings at passersby.

Brown Sugar

4 yrs - Falls Church, VA

Brown Sugar is a Puerto Rican rescue Chihuahua from Homeward Trails. We’ve been taking walks in the parking lot to keep her nails short and form good.

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2019 Race Day

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

760 Maine Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024

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